Only a sense making connection between classical as well as academic medicine and naturopathic medicine in a holistic view of man can be successful in finding therapies for chronic diseases, especially for cancer patients. Here the following slogan has to be applied: “Above all, do no harm “! In addition to collecting global information, specific evaluation and the individual use for our patients, physicians and scientists of the Pro Life Therapy Center make their own efforts to research precisely certain naturopathic treatment principles.

The aim of all therapies is to improve the quality of life and, wherever possible, the extension of lifetime. In some cases we can find healing processes which can only be explained by recognition of tumor cells by the own immune system. This aspect is the particularly focus of our research because our body can daily  detect and eliminate cancer cells. For this, only the body’s own repair mechanisms must be strengthened, combined with the “unmasking” of the tumor cells. To support our (independent) research, we ask for donations through our ProLife Foundation.