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Prognos power test
A pain-free energy measurement of the body based on Chinese meridians. Used for early detection of diseases and deficiencies.

More than 5,000 years ago, the Chinese discovered that all ailments could be traced back to a disturbed energy flow in the human body.

Specific measurement of cardiac activity taking the unconscious nervous system (sympathetic) and autonomic nervous system (parasympathetic) into account.

If a balance exists, one speaks of a good variable heart rate. Risk assessment for heart failure e.g. after stress (energy reserves).

Food Allergy Test

Improper diet often causes problems for the body and immune system disorders of gut-associated. Very helpful for weight reduction.

Stool Diagnostics
– Metabolic problems
– fungal diseases
– digestion residues
– cancer screening
– inflammatory markers
– Gastritis and enteritis pathogens
– parasites
– gluten intolerance

Already more than 2,500 years ago, Greek physicians recognized the importance of the intestines for the viability of the organism:

“Death is in the gut” – We say: “Life is in the gut” and improve the gut-associated immune system.

Hormone and / or anti-aging profile
Analysis for the detection of hormone, vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Hair Analysis
Detection of toxicity of the body and / or deficiencies.

Special test for allergy tendency

Lactose / fructose intolerance test

Stabilization of the immune system
– Administration of high vitamin doses and mineral infusions
– Application of fresh-cell extracts
– Blood irradiation of highly selective UV light (subtype C)
– Magnetic resonance therapy
– Infusions for detoxification / neutralization, destabilization of the protective mechanisms (camouflage mechanisms) of cancer cells

Insulin therapy
– Blood sugar of the body and low-dose chemotherapy

Cancer cells derive their energy almost exclusively from glucose in the cells and have a high concentration of insulin receptors at their outer core. The forced hypoglycaemia makes the membrane of cancer cells more permeable. During this phase, glucose and low dose chemotherapy are infused together, causing virtually no damage to healthy cells.

Hyperthermia treatments
– The local surface and deep hyperthermia
– The whole-body hyperthermia

Learn more about our hyperthermia therapy (link)

Hydro-colon therapy
Cleansing / detoxification of the intestines of accumulated feces and rotting materials. Treatment of chronic constipation.

Improves natural balance of intestinal bacteria, stabilizes immune system, boosts metabolism.

Use of anticancer agents derived from natural health medicine
– mistletoe lectins
– thymus gland extracts
– medicinal mushrooms/fungi
– plant substances
– High-dose vitamin C

Chelation – Therapy
– used in degenerative ailments
– angina pectoris
– arteriosclerosis
– smoker’s leg
– alternative therapy to bypass surgery or amputation
– lowering of blood pressure and blood sugar
– heavy metal detoxification

Infusions with biologically active ribonucleic acid for the treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis / Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, etc.

We are engaged in a research project together with the State University of Moscow, where the relationship between risk of cancer and genetic s is being studied.

Meanwhile we have obtained an intermediate result that received worldwide attention. We have already been able to identify persons with high risk of disease using a special genetic examination process.

Targeted biological therapies can reactivate and support the body’s defense in order to reduce the potential genetic risk in these patients considerably.